Concierge Counseling

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What is Concierge Counseling

Concierge Counseling is a VIP service designed for individuals who require highly confidential and flexible support.  It is a higher level of care than traditional psychotherapy, blending your specific therapeutic and logistical needs with your real-life goals in a way that can bring faster more long-lasting change.  The bespoke nature of concierge counseling makes continuity of care especially important for a client’s success. Thus, a minimum 3 month commitment is required for this service.

We will collaborate to determine what combination of services will work best for your needs. These services can include a combination of counseling, psycho-education, motivational practices, skills training, meditation/mindfulness practice, and more. All bespoke services are carefully designed to be clinically appropriate for each individual client. They also include other weekly supportive services such as emails and phone consultations and can take place in our office, or at your school, work, on-line, etc.  Many Concierge Clients prefer to meet with their psychotherapist in their private office or in a private conference room at their place of business. As a Concierge Client, there is no need to wait in a “waiting room.” Your psychotherapist will work with you to make clinically optimal support as easy to access as possible. Additionally, we serve as the collaborative care manager between all professionals involved in your individual care (i.e. life/wellness/sober/parenting coaches, physicians, equine therapists, art therapists, personal trainer, nutritionist, school, etc.).  You do not need to worry about coordinating everyone in your medical and support network. If you choose, we take care of care coordination for you right from the beginning and throughout our work together. 

Due to the highly bespoke nature of concierge counseling, only a small number of concierge clients are accepted at one time. While we would like to support as many people as possible, providing excellent service is of the upmost importance.  Limiting the number of concierge clients we work with allows us to ensure the highest quality service for our clients. Please contact our office to learn more.

Bespoke Support

Benefits of Concierge Counseling

Priority In-person Appointments

Sometimes waiting a week or more for support from your therapist is not practical or helpful. Life might surprise you with a crisis, motivate you to work more intensely on building a skill, or just make you want to “get something off your chest.” As a Concierge Client, if you are experiencing an immediate need to be seen by your therapist, your therapist will arrange a same-day or next-day in-person or video counseling session for you (all on-line communications are HIPPA compliant). No need to wait a week.  

Priority Video, Email, and Telephone Access 

As a Concierge Client, you will also be able to consult with your psychotherapist by telephone, even if you don ’t have an appointment.  If your psychotherapist is in session when you call, you can expect him/her to call you back as soon as he/she is available (even during evening and weekend hours), usually within 2 hours. 

As a Concierge client you also have VIP email access to your psychotherapist and are guaranteed a reply within 3 hours (12 hours if the email is sent after 9pm Central, US).  

Convenience of location

Concierge Counseling is designed to make high caliber clinically optimal accessible to individuals with very demanding schedules and/or who require highly confidential support.  As a Concierge Client you my choose location that is convenient and comfortable for you – there is not need to travel to and from a psychotherapy office.

Session Length Grace

Those with prior experience in with psychotherapy know that discussions do not always fit within the customary 50-minute session time and that sometimes subjects arise which should be discussed despite what the clock dictates.  We hate to watch the clock as much as you do! Your therapist will provide clinically appropriate grace time during sessions when extra time is needed to finish a discussion.

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