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Healthy High Achiever


To help high achieving professionals produce more efficiently and enjoy more by applying science-based tools and techniques to get clear, calm, confident, and in control.

The 3 Ways

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High Achiever Coaching

Individual coaching is a bespoke service designed for the lawyer who prefers one-on-one live/virtual engagement with a coach on a regular basis.

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Small Group

The Healthy High Achiever Master Class with Live Coaching Intensive

Ideal for the high achieving lawyer ready to strategically affect change, the Master Class is a 4-month coaching intensive designed to get you from overwhelmed, unfocused, and under-productive, to clear, calm, confident, and in control. Tailored to your already busy life, trainings and support are structured, efficient, science-based, and accessible on your schedule.  

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On the Go

The Healthy High Achiever Leveling Up Podcast – Asynchronous Coaching via Private Podcast

The Leveling Up Podcast is designed to provide ongoing support to the high achieving lawyer who has reached a place of clarity, calm, confidence, and control, and is now working towards sustained and progressive thriving. Structured content and expert feedback are delivered right into your ear when and where you are ready for it via your favorite podcast app. Throughout every month, you receive curated scienced-based skills to work on and have your individual questions answered. No need to carve out time for appointments. Listen, ask, and implement coaching on your schedule.

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