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Support tailored to the chronic high achiever in search of “better.” 

Castro Jacobs Psychotherapy and Consulting (CJPC) is designed to serve your needs as a high achiever, both personally and professionally. With a unique background in psychology, law, and program development and implementation, we understand the well-being challenges faced by the high achieving professional and the organizations that want to help support her in performing at her best.

All services—psychotherapy, counseling, consulting, and speaking/training—can be accessed virtually via webinar or via our secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.


Specializing in lawyers and other high achievers, and the things they struggle with the most: Stress, Anxiety, Adult ADD/ADHD, Burnout, and High Functioning Depression. In-person, video/tele-therapy, and concierge counseling options available.

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Corporate Consulting

We help corporations improve the daily life of their employees. From in-house psychotherapy, to well-being audits, to full scale well-being strategic planning, to orientation design and management training, we tailor services to help your company become a healthy place to work.

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Speaking and Training

As experts in lawyer and high-achiever well-being, we have trained hundreds of people in science-backed ways to live healthier and more productive personal and professional lives. Well-being workshops, lawyer CLE, and clinician CEU credits available.

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For our corporate clients, we apply our expertise to provide you with tailor-made solutions to meet your employee well-being goals. More than just consultants, we are partners in creating a workplace where your employees thrive. Whether a company-wide well-being skills training, new employee onboarding, management coaching, or program auditing and development, we are here to help you create and support the environment that your ideal employee wants to invest in.

For individual clients, we tailor science-backed approaches to help you build the skills you need to live, work, and feel better. Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, our approach is collaborative and action-oriented.

A message from psychotherapist and founder, Chelsy Castro:

As a psychotherapist, I work with you to apply science-backed counseling techniques to help you shift your mindset. I am not the sage sitting atop a mountain waiting for you to achieve your transformation. I am the guide walking alongside you, equipping you with the tools and guidance you need for your journey. I walk the walk with you.


Tailored to the Chronic High Achiever

You are a high achieving professional, but you are still not fulfilled.  You’re not a quitter, but something needs to change.  Feeling exhausted, worried, angry, stuck, and/or frustrated have become the norm.  Perhaps you are having trouble concentrating or the workload, anxiety, and pressure are finally taking a toll.  You present well on paper, so it’s hard to believe that anyone could understand.  You want to feel excited about work and maybe even life again, or at least feel less anxious and depressed, but nothing you’ve tried so far has worked.

Not everyone gets what it’s like – the success on the outside and the anxiety, doubt, and exhaustion on the inside. I specialize in helping lawyers and other high achievers overcome the barriers keeping  them from reaching their goals. As a former lawyer, I get it. As a therapist specializing in lawyer and high achiever well-being, I know how to tailor science-based solutions to help get you to “better.”   

Contact Chelsy Castro, JD, MA, MSW, LCSW Chicago IL

~ Chelsy CastroPsychotherapist and Founder (and former lawyer and chronic high achiever)

You are not one to give up just because things get hard.  You know you want to feel differently, but you don’t know where to start.

You can start here.

You don’t have to accept the status quo.  Schedule your complimentary 10 minute tel. consultation right now.

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