Frequently Asked Questions

Confidentiality - How will my privacy and reputation be protected?

Confidentiality is of the upmost importance.  That is why all communications about clinically relevant information take place either in person or over HIPPA compliant encrypted technologies (i.e. video, email, voicemail, etc.).  Additionally, we will always wait for you to choose if and when to acknowledge us when in public.


Exceptions to confidentiality only occur as required by law: 1) with a subpoena; 2)  when there is a reason to believe that there has been an incident of elder or child abuse; or 3) when an individual is at risk for harming him/herself/themselves or someone else. All such disclosures are done under careful consideration and under penalty by law.  Any other disclosure requires express written consent from the client.

Are you going to say it’s all in my head?

No.  While psychotherapy does focus on what is going on in the mind, it does not mean that our pain and struggles are not real. The inability to see or touch something does to mean that it is imagined.  How we view the world and ourselves can either help us or hinder us.  Psychotherapy aims to set you up for success so that your view of the world and yourself is helpful to you and not hurtful.

Isn’t therapy for weak people?

No, quite to the contrary.  Seeking support, especially from a licensed expert, is a sign of strength and hope.  People who seek out help have hope that something can be done to improve or feel “better” and are strong enough to take action. It is not easy to take the steps required to seek support; it take’s strength and determination.  Therapy is not for the weak.  It takes work, drive, and a desire to be “better.”

What health insurance do you accept?

We have strategically chosen to be an “out of network” provider. If you would like to use your “out of network benefits,” we are very happy to provide you with the documentation you need to submit to your insurance provider. Please be sure to contact your insurance provider in advance to be clear about your coverage. Alternatively, many of our clients elect to use our private pay option, because they prefer not to be encumbered by diagnoses requirements and/or session limits, and/or choose not to share their treatment information with an insurance provider.

How do I get started?

Getting started is as easy as a complimentary 10 minute phone call.  Just CLICK HERE to schedule it right now.

Your call will be directly with founder Chelsy Castro and will focus on ensuring that our services are a good fit for your needs.  During the call we will identify what, if any, of our services are best for you and, if you choose to move forward, schedule a day and time for your first appointment. If you choose to schedule an appointment, you will receive an invitation to our confidential client portal, where you will be able to review and complete documents before your first session.  That’s it.  Your journey to “better” can start with just one CLICK.

How does online or telephone therapy work?

Online or telephone (a.k.a. tele-medicine) therapy works very much like in-person therapy.  The psychotherapist and client agree in advance to “meet” at a designated day and time over a HIPPA compliant platform.  All the same laws, rules and protections that apply in-person apply to tele-medicine. While there are benefits to and personal preferences for in-person psychotherapy, studies have shown tele-medicine to be just as effective as in-person psychotherapy, often having a higher rate of client participation because of its convenience.

What is concierge counseling?

Concierge counseling provides more intensive and individualized access to a psychotherapist.  It is often referred to as “having a therapist on retainer,” and is usually the go-to service for C-suite, public, and/or other busy professionals who require absolute discretion and flexible availability. Only a limited number of concierge clients are accepted at one time to ensure that the needs of existing clients are met.

What are your fees?

Individual psychotherapy: $225/55 min. session (in-person/tele-medicine)


Concierge counseling: The individualized nature of concierge counseling results in bespoke packages tailored to the individual’s needs and current situation. Please call or email to inquire.

You don’t have to accept the status quo.  Schedule your 10 minute complimentary phone consultation right now.