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Lawyer Well-being CLEs

Contact Chelsy Castro, JD, MA, MSW, LCSW Chicago ILAll previously in-person Lawyer Well-being CLE trainings are now available via live or recorded webinar. Every program is science-based and presented by Chelsy Castro, JD, MA, AM, LCSW, using advanced and relatable instructional techniques that engage all participants.

Programs are fully customizable to your organization’s needs and can be extended when more in depth and individualized training is desired. From a 30 -minute keynote address, to the typical 1 hour CLE, to an all-day leadership retreat, we provide organizations with innovative and strategic approaches to increase well-being for everyone.

Trainings have consistently received approval for CLE certification in the categories of Ethics, Competence, Professionalism, and Substance abuse/Mental Health in a variety of jurisdictions including: California, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and New York.


  1. Positive Psychology: tools and techniques for lawyer well-being
  2. The Practice of Cognitive Kindness for Improved Performance in the New Year
  3. The Anatomy of Calm: why relaxing is such hard work and techniques for tapping into it
  4. The Healthy Remote Lawyer: tools and techniques
  5. Burnout Prevention: setting yourself up for continued success
  6. Productivity Hacks for Reducing Anxiety and Getting Things Done
  7. Owning Your Success: overcoming imposter syndrome
  8. The Lawyer Happiness Factor: applying science to enjoy your career
  9. EQ Skills for Conflict Resolution
  10. Mindfulness Beyond Stress Management
  11. Preventing and Mitigating Compassion Fatigue
  12. Don’t Be Nice, Be Authentic: a ‘how-to’ on empathy in the workplace
  13. Emotional Intelligence: change your brain, change your world
  14. Improving Performance through (Im)Perfectionism
  15. Procrastination Inflation: the case for getting ahead of yourself
  16. Crisis in the Profession: a ‘how-to’ guide on mental health and substance abuse in the law, and what to do about it.
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Public Speaking

Recognized high achiever expert and in-demand professional well-being speaker, Chelsy works with clients in all industries to train employees on science-backed techniques to work, live, and feel better. She equips audiences both internationally and domestically with the knowledge and skills to work productively and effectively while supporting their well-being.

Lawyer turned psychotherapist, Chelsy worked in “Big Law” before shifting her focus to lawyer well-being. Upon earning her clinical degree from the University of Chicago, Chelsy specialized in treating and training the legal profession on applying mental health skills in the workplace. She trained thousands of lawyers, judges, and law students through her public speaking events – in-person and online – on science-based stress management and productivity techniques in forums such as law firms, law schools, bar associations, international conferences, and corporations.

Serving the Legal World, Tech, and Beyond

Witnessing the benefits of her trainings in the legal profession, tech companies sought out Chelsy’s unique skills and insights. Chelsy tailored science-based well-being and productivity techniques to meet Tech’s distinctive needs, customizing trainings to fit each company culture. The relatability of her public speaking style and translatability of her trainings was quickly noticed by other high-performance industries. Chelsy now trains professionals across the country in varying industries on applying science-backed well-being skills and techniques for living, working, and feeling better.

Clinician CEU’s

As a psychotherapist specializing in individuals who work in high stress professions, Chelsy also trains other clinicians on how to best work with lawyers and other high achievers in a way that is both clinically appropriate and supportive of their professional goals.

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Chelsy was one of SMS Assist's featured speakers, and she gave a phenomenal presentation to 100 of our employees on managing stress in the workplace. Chelsy took the extra effort to tailor her examples to our company, and she provided actionable takeaways that were extraordinarily helpful to our workforce. After attending the presentation, one of our employees said, "Chelsy was very knowledgeable on the topic and thoughtful in her approach. I learned a few techniques that I can certainly utilize when feeling stressed. I hope she can come back soon to share more insightful information." I would recommend Chelsy as a speaker for any group looking for an enthusiastic, intelligent, and engaging expert on stress management, mindfulness, productivity, and/or mental health.

Elizabeth Klisser - SMS Assist

I have had the pleasure of working with Chelsy several times in the past and was absolutely thrilled to bring her to Northwestern Law to speak to our students during our Wellness Week. Chelsy is a phenomenal speaker and presenter. She is incredibly knowledgeable and engaging. Our students get so much important information from her presentations. I look forward to working with her again soon!

Candace Bergeron - Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

Recently, I attended one of Chelsy Castro's seminars and I found it to be one of the most enlightening experiences. Chelsy provides clear and consist information that is easy to comprehend and implement in your daily work life balance schedule. Not only this seminar is good for helping you in your professional career but also to help improve your self mental health. I highly recommend her seminar "Optimizing The Calm After The Storm" to any working professional.

Marcus Williams - Sidley Austin

Chelsy delivered a powerful and engaging presentation on managing stress in the workplace. She kept the audience captivated through her entire presentation and provided the “why” behind what can help with stress-management. Additionally, she was very responsive and flexible while planning this presentation to make sure it was catered to and resonated with our employees. Chelsy was a wonderful partner to work with. Anyone interested in providing their employees with a great resource on managing stress in the workplace would be lucky to partner with her.

Taylor Townsend - SMS Assist

I have worked with and observed Chelsy as a presenter on numerous occasions for several years. She is an incredibly dynamic and powerful speaker. She is always well-prepared, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable. She fields questions from any type of audience with ease. I would highly recommend Chelsy for any position or speaking engagement that requires an exceptional presenter.

Stephanie Stewart - Partner, Robinson, Stewart, Montgomery & Doppke

Chelsy Castro is a powerful and energizing speaker on mental health issues, and a fantastic advocate for the emotional well-being of all those in the legal profession. I first came into contact with Chelsy Castro as I was beginning to organize what would become the Students Mental Health Alliance at Northwestern University School of Law. Soon after being introduced by email, Chelsy was taking the time to discuss with me public education and communication strategies and advising me on how best to promote more effective mental health programs at the school. Chelsy sat on the organizations first panel and did the sort of presentation I believe every law school student needs to hear - compassionate, knowledgeable, trustworthy. She spoke directly to students and without equivocation on difficult issues in a way that genuinely connected. Multiple students asked me afterwards "Who was that lady who was sat in the middle? She was amazing." She is a sincere and powerful advocate for her cause, and someone any organization would want in their corner.

Luke Finn - JD Candidate, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

Chelsy is an engaging and dynamic presenter. I had the pleasure hearing her present a couple of times on the topic of health and wellness to our law students as well as to family law practitioners. Each time she presented, she was passionate about the topic matter and made the issues relatable to the attendees.

Katie Liss - Director of the Schiller DuCanto & Fleck Family Law Center and Advisor, DePaul College of Law

I am so pleased that I had an opportunity to cross paths with Chelsy. I met her when she spoke to our law students at DePaul to share tips for self-care. Chelsy is very smart and very passionate about what she does. It's clear that she cares deeply about helping people and I'm glad the legal community has her.

Tiffany Fraber - Assistant Director of Career Services, DePaul College of Law

Chelsy was a passionate speaker who gave an outstanding presentation at my firm. She engaged all the audience; everyone in the room got to practice mindfulness together under her guidance. She used slides that were concise, funny, and effective. I shared her presentation with my colleagues because she touched on the topics that are essential to every legal professional. Highly recommended!

Mary Yoo - Tax Attorney, Baker McKenzie

Chelsy has presented at our CLE programs multiple times and always receives rave reviews. She is easy to work with, presents information in an easily accessible format and engages her audience in a meaningful way.

Kelly Calvanico - Director of Continuing Legal and Professional Ed., Chicago-Kent College of Law

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