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Lawyer CLE’s

As a lawyer turned therapist specializing in lawyer and high achiever well-being, I have trained hundreds of lawyers, judges, and law students on techniques for improving stress management, getting better sleep, reducing anxiety, increasing productivity, enhancing conflict resolution, and much more.  My presentations have covered topics such as burnout, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, communication strategies, improving career satisfaction, and mindfulness. I have presented in forums such as the American Bar Association, the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and various law schools, law firms, professional associations, and both domestic and international conferences. Please see the menu below for the newest lawyer well-being CLE offerings and feel free to email me at to learn more about upcoming CLE opportunities.

Clinician CEU’s

As a therapist specializing in working with individuals in high stress professions, I have trained other clinicians on how to best work with lawyers and other high achievers in a way that is both clinically appropriate and supportive of their professional goals. Please email me at to learn more about upcoming CEU opportunities.

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From Lawyers, Law Students, and other High Achievers

I have worked with and observed Chelsy as a presenter on numerous occasions for several years. She is an incredibly dynamic and powerful speaker. She is always well-prepared, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable. She fields questions from any type of audience with ease. I would highly recommend Chelsy for any position or speaking engagement that requires an exceptional presenter.

Stephanie Stewart - Partner, Robinson, Stewart, Montgomery & Doppke

Chelsy Castro is a powerful and energizing speaker on mental health issues, and a fantastic advocate for the emotional well-being of all those in the legal profession. I first came into contact with Chelsy Castro as I was beginning to organize what would become the Students Mental Health Alliance at Northwestern University School of Law. There was little in the way of guidance on mental health issues at the school, and I had found my way to the Illinois LAP by chance. Soon after being introduced by email, Chelsy was taking the time to discuss with me public education and communication strategies and advising me on how best to promote more effective mental health programs at the school. Chelsy sat on the organizations first panel and did the sort of presentation I believe every law school student needs to hear - compassionate, knowledgeable, trustworthy. She spoke directly to students and without equivocation on difficult issues in a way that genuinely connected. Multiple students asked me afterwards "Who was that lady who was sat in the middle? She was amazing." Later Chelsy would help organize and host LAP drop in hours on the NU campus, the first extramural mental health programming the law school had seen. She is a sincere and powerful advocate for her cause, and someone any organization would want in their corner.

Luke Finn - JD Candidate, Pritzker School of Law

Chelsy is an engaging and dynamic presenter. I had the pleasure hearing her present a couple of times on the topic of health and wellness to our law students as well as to family law practitioners. Each time she presented, she was passionate about the topic matter and made the issues relatable to the attendees.

Katie Liss - Director of the Schiller DuCanto & Fleck Family Law Center and Advisor, DePaul College of Law

I am so pleased that I had an opportunity to cross paths with Chelsy. I met her when she spoke to our law students at DePaul to share tips for self-care. Chelsy is very smart and very passionate about what she does. It's clear that she cares deeply about helping people and I'm glad the legal community has her.

Tiffany Fraber - Assistant Director of Career Services, DePaul College of Law

Chelsy was a passionate speaker who gave an outstanding presentation at my firm. She engaged all the audience; everyone in the room got to practice mindfulness together under her guidance. She used slides that were concise, funny, and effective. I shared her presentation with my colleagues because she touched on the topics that are essential to every legal professional. Highly recommended!

Mary Yoo - Tax Attorney, Baker McKenzie

Chelsy has presented at our CLE programs multiple times and always receives rave reviews. She is easy to work with, presents information in an easily accessible format and engages her audience in a meaningful way.

Kelly Calvanico - Director of Continuing Legal and Professional Ed., Chicago-Kent College of Law

Chelsy has been a presenter at IICLE programs and I've also had the opportunity to work with her on a variety of collaborative projects. Not only is Chelsy a polished and professional speaker, she is incredibly knowledgeable and innovative. Her positive approach to what can be a very difficult and personal subject matter for legal professionals is both powerful and compassionate. As a colleague, she is responsive, organized, and always extremely professional. It's always a pleasure to work with Chelsy!

Megan Moore - Director of Programs, IICLE

Chelsy does a great job presenting to groups of students and lawyers about topics related to attorney well-being. She delivers content that is scientifically supported in a way that is engaging and entertaining. I have attended Chelsy's programs and co-presented with her on several occasions, and audiences always find her interesting and informative.

Jonathan Beitner - Attorney, Certified Coach

As both a service partner and volunteer, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chelsy over the past years. She is a passionate professional who gives great attention to detail in everything I’ve seen her involved with. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Chelsey in a number of speaking engagements and find her a dynamic speaker who takes great pride in delivering a meaningful message in a sincere and interesting way. Several years ago, we shared the stage together to give a presentation at an international conference. Her meticulous preparation to assure both of our talks conveyed value added information to the audience was impressive. In helping me prepare for another presentation, Chelsy proved to be a wonderful coach educating me about the value propositions to the specific legal audience I was speaking to, and ‘coaching’ me to accurately deliver those messages. Chelsy has a great way of going above and beyond for her clients, service partners and team members. Chelsey is a consummate legal and clinical professional with high integrity. It has been and continues to be an honor and joy to work with her.

Phil Kosanovich - Managing Partner at PK Associates

Chelsy is a terrific presenter to groups about topics related to attorney well-being. I have attended and have co-presented with Chelsy on several occasions, and she always gets rave reviews. She is very knowledgeable in the area of attorney well-being and presents with ease.

Christine Anderson - Counsel at ARDC


Lawyer Well-being CLE's

Improving Performance through (Im)Perfectionism    (1 credit)

The perfectionism that many attorneys tout as a contributor to their success, can also be a significant source of stress, often resulting in mental health issues and compromised performance if left unabated. Understanding and changing our relationship with our perfectionism is a powerful way to combat the thought patterns and resulting habits that both increase our stress and impede our productivity and performance.

Participants in this program will learn:

    • What Perfectionism is in the context of mental health and substance abuse;
    • The impact of Perfectionism on our productivity and performance;
    • Best practices for managing Perfectionism to maximize productivity and performance, while supporting mental health.
Procrastination Inflation: The Case for Getting Ahead of Yourself (1 credit)

Procrastination is a daily experience for most of us.  We procrastinate when stressed, and that procrastination often causes more stress. More than just an annoying self-feeding cycle, procrastination can be both a symptom of and a contributor to mental health issues commonly faced by attorneys.

Participants in this program will learn:

  • The role of Procrastination in mental health; and
  • Best practices for the management and prevention of procrastination to maximize productivity and performance, while supporting mental health.
Owning Your Success: No Imposters Allowed!               (1 credit)

As high achievers we are often our own best friends and worst enemies when it comes to professional success.  We have the discipline, the drive, and the talent to get the job done, but we unintentionally and subconsciously create psychological hurdles that can keep us from enjoying our success and even fulfilling our greater goals. The typical high achiever tendency of not recognizing our own successes and value-add is a contributing factor to many mental health issues faced by attorneys.  Unaddressed, it can lead to increased anxiety as well as compromised professional performance.

Participants in this program will learn:

  • What Imposter Syndrome is;
  • How Imposter Syndrome inhibits the success of the high achiever; and
  • Best practices for managing and overcoming Imposter Syndrome.
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