For many, science-based training and coaching through podcasted monthly lessons, Q&As, and Deep dives is just the right amount of structure and support to take action and maintain results.

For the rest of us, structured training, coaching, and support via podcast adds great value, but live ‘real-time’ conversations in community with other like-minded professionals better fits the need for direct connection and support. That’s why I added the option of a monthly live coaching intensive to the Healthy High Achiever.

The Healthy High Achiever PLUS is everything the original Healthy High Achiever membership offers PLUS monthly live coaching sessions with me and a small group of other professionals with similar goals.

Live coaching meetings happen on the 4th Monday of the month so that you’ve had time to listen to, process, test, and adapt the material. During our small group coaching we go deep into your experience with the tools and techniques and then strategize around how to best maximize the benefits for you.

Of course, while we are all about getting down to business, coaching sessions have also evolved into a fun way to connect with other high achievers who are also making changes to live, work, and feel better.

Live coaching meetings are 1.5 hours long and structured to address all participants’ questions and concerns. Come and go as you need to; no need to stress about arriving late or leaving early. Come for what you need and get back to life on your time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the live coaching is right for me?
What if I start with the live coaching and then reach a point where the podcast is enough for me?
How do I know the live coaching is right for me?
How big is the small group?
Can I still benefit from the group if I do more listening than talking?
How big is the small group?