Enjoy ambition again.

Master Class

You've always been good at achieving.

And because of your drive and dedication you have been able to…

Conquer obstacles that others wouldn’t even attempt.

Feel the satisfaction of accomplishing what you set your mind to.

Experience the kind of success that others can easily appraise from your resume.

But as you continued to pursue and accomplish goal after goal…

You started to feel disconnected from your work and your life.

You realized that the satisfaction of having the degree, salary, prestige, influence, etc. was no longer enough to make the sacrifices worth it.

You began to struggle to be efficient, focused, dedicated, and even passionate about the career in which you had invested so much.

Somewhere along the way you stopped enjoying your ambition.

You get things done, but you struggle to feel the dedication, motivation, and maybe even the excitement that you once did.

You want to be more efficient, productive, focused, engaged, interested, etc., but instead, you are in a constant replay of reacting to the professional (and probably also personal) needs of others.

On paper you are still ambitious and successful, but internally the nearly constant sense of urgency diminishes much, if not all, of  your enjoyment. 

You have endlessly searched for the change you need in self-help books, podcasts, blogposts, and maybe even productivity coaches, but the most consistent result is disappointment – disappointment because no matter what you try, sustainable change always seems beyond your grasp.

You are not a quitter, but you know that something needs to change.

You want

The CALM and CONTROL that comes with efficient practices, healthy boundaries, and a focus fueled by a sense of purpose.

The CONFIDENCE to live and work with satisfaction, and the CLARITY to know what that looks like for you.

The SUSTAINABLE CHANGE that results in living, working, and feeling better.

I've been right where you are.

The Me Beyond the Resume

I've done the white-knuckle-it sacrifice it all life too.

I have been where you are today – I was the lawyer whose enjoyment of ambition somewhere along the way turned into an obsession with achievement. I have felt the dread of getting up Monday after Monday and, eventually, day after day without a sense of purpose or inspiration. I have spent countless days and weeks in an incessant state of stress just trying to get things right while barely keeping my head above water – no matter what I did it was never enough. I was committed to the just white-knuckle-it approach; the sacrifice-it-all for the grades, for the degree, for the job, for the promotion, for the salary, for the [insert next point of external validation here], until I realized that it was not and would not make me happy. I did what I was supposed to do, and it all looked great on paper, and yet I still found myself asking “For what? For this?”

Something needed to change, but what and how?

I was objectively successful, and, on paper, it looked as if I should be satisfied, but, inside, I consistently felt like a failure. It took a long time, but I eventually realized that I needed to make a change. Problem was, what needed to change and how? I read countless self-help books and listened to numerous podcasts desperately hoping that they would hold the key. I occasionally got some traction, but it was always missing something or never sustainable. I interviewed career coaches and even considered an ill-advised leave it all behind dramatic departure from my legal career. However, the resume revamps and networking advice promised by career coaches were never enough and the quitting fantasy was not aligned with my values.


After years of lonely and frustrating soul searching, I pushed past the confusion and overwhelm and made the change. For me, it got to a point where a career shift into psychology became the right fit, but it may have been different had I had the support, structure, and direction I needed much earlier on. Since my shift into neuroscience and psychotherapy, I have been on a mission to help lawyers to once again feel productive, calm, confident, and in control of their lives and careers.

What I learned from specializing in lawyers.

My work with thousands of lawyers over the years, as an individual psychotherapist, as a well-being and performance strategist, and as a lawyer well-being CLE trainer, unveiled that I had not been alone in my prior struggles. To the contrary, I had been in the company of other very accomplished similarly overwhelmed and frustrated professionals, but never knew it because it was never safe to be authentic about the struggle. It revealed that, while traditional psychotherapy and well-being trainings are useful, many of us need something more structured and accessible. I discovered that, as high achievers, we also need more than self-help books, wellness recommendations, or nuts and bolts career coaching to make truly aligned and sustainable change. We need science-backed step-by-step expert guidance that can be tailored to our unique situations and supportive connection that gets the struggle and will walk along with us in the transformation. That’s how The Healthy High Achiever came about.

Why I created The Healthy High Achiever.

I designed The Healthy High Achiever so that your journey from uninspired, overwhelmed, and frustrated to CLEAR, CALM, CONFIDENT, and in CONTROL doesn’t have to take numerous years, countless turns, and unnecessary suffering. With structured guidance, implementation, and support that is intentional, science-based, and easy to access, we can affect and maintain the unique changes we authentically want for ourselves. Many lawyers and other high achieving professionals, many of whom were participants in my CLE trainings and/or individual coaching clients, asked me for ongoing easy to access structured resources, to level-up on their self-investment, but, despite my best efforts, I was unable to refer them to anything worthwhile. Thus, I created it and The Healthy High Achiever was born.

You know...

That whatever you do must FIT INTO YOUR LIFE before it can help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

That a catalyst for change in your life must be SCIENCE-BASED, PRACTICAL, RESPONSIVE, and accessible on YOUR SCHEDULE.

That STRUCTURE and SUPPORT from an EXPERT who has been in your shoes is a non-negotiable.


Healthy High Achiever


science-based coaching through structured and flexible support designed to equip high achieving professionals to produce more efficiently and enjoy more by getting clear, calm, confident, and in control.

The 4 Anchors

Of The Healthy High Achiever

When you join The Healthy High Achiever you will…


Gain CLARITY on the change that you authentically want in your life.

Right now, and maybe for a long time, you’ve needed to make a change, but you were unsure what to change or how. When you join The Healthy High Achiever, you will learn and apply science-based tools through which you will GET CLEAR on what changes make sense for you, now and overtime, and you will have the structure, support, and accountability to make those changes a sustainable reality.


Find the CALM within the intensity of your ambition and the challenge of change.

Part of what makes self-investment so elusive for high achievers is the intensity incumbent in their ambition. The default within the ambition is often a sense of urgency, an urgency that is draining instead of energizing, leaving little else for the YOU beyond the resume. When you join The Healthy High Achiever, you will regularly learn, practice, and implement techniques that anchor you in CALM so that you can be energized by and enjoy your ambition.


Cultivate the CONFIDENCE stand up for what you want and act to get it.

As a high achieving professional, you are likely enmeshed in a culture, and probably have been for a long time, that, by default, does not account for you as a whole person. For many of us, the desire for self-investment beyond the resume is often interpreted by this culture as a weakness, distraction, or even a threat to productivity. It assumes that personal and professional well-being are odds with each other when, in fact, they share a symbiotic relationship. This often results in a lack of confidence in one’s ability to be both personally and professionally well. Through structured trainings, exercises, and coaching, The Healthy High Achiever strategically challenges your limiting beliefs about what is possible as a successful ambitious professional.


Learn how secure and maintain CONTROL over how you spend your time, energy, and emotion.

Being productive with your time, energy, and emotions requires taking control and knowing your boundaries. Establishing and maintaining social/professional and cognitive boundaries is one of the toughest challenges for a high achiever, especially those of us accustomed to meeting others’ expectations. When you join The Healthy High Achiever, you will learn, practice, and apply science-based techniques for identifying, establishing, and maintaining boundaries that are aligned with your needs and aspirations so that YOU are in CONTROL of your personal and professional well-being.


Healthy High Achiever

Is right for you if

  • You value science-based tools and techniques to affect sustainable change.
  • You know you need support and structure from an expert, but it needs to be flexible and on your time.
  • You are ready to stop repeating the same old patterns, get real with yourself, and be strategic about working for what you want for your life.
  • You are done with letting your fear of failure and/or success keep you from making the sustainable change you need and want.
  • You are exhausted from being a resume builder and ready to be a life builder.

Is not right for you if

  • You want classic wellness coaching focused on eating better, exercising more, and getting more sleep.
  • You are in search of traditional career coaching designed to hone your resume and leverage your network.
  • You need a clinical group in which to process the past as you would in therapy (this program can support the work you are doing in therapy, but is not a replacement for it).
  • You are looking for a plug and play solution (there is no such thing, but there are plenty of people out there who are more than willing to sell it – that’s not me or this program).

What to Expect


Month 1

Focus on: Getting clear

By the end of Month 1 you will be clear on what you need to change and, more importantly, why. You will have a roadmap of the shifts you are ready to make so that, maybe for the first time in your career or life, you will be acting from a place of purpose based on what you truly want. You will also have begun to shift how you work so that you can more easily focus on your priorities and getting things done.

Month 2

Focus on: Cultivating calm

In Month 2, we continue to build on Month 1, and you will have implemented practices that support both your goals and your productivity. By the end of Month 2, you will have a strategy to think and produce better under stress – because it’s not the challenges that get easier over time, it’s our ability to overcome them.

Month 3

Focus on: Tackling the mental blocks

By the end of Month 3, you will have identified how you are sabotaging yourself through the thinking patterns that most of us are not aware of. You will have put into practice techniques that raise awareness of how your wiring and emotions impact how you work, and how you can influence the degree, frequency, and duration of their power over you – because once we understand how our thoughts are not facts, we are poised to take back control of how we spend our time and energy.

Month 4

Focus on: Taking back control

In Month 4, we take back control of our time and energy by applying a combination of the tools and techniques from Months 1-3 and research-based focus and productivity methods tailored to how you work best.

Each month we dive into skills drawn from our four anchors as we learn, practice, and implement them each week.

Week 1

Science-based Skills-driven Training

You get access to a new science-based training on the 1st Monday of every month. Lessons cover skills and techniques stemming from our anchors of CLARITY, CALM, CONFIDENCE, & CONTROL. Lessons are efficient (usually about 20 minutes), skills oriented, and recorded on a private members-only podcast, so that you can absorb them when it works for you. They always include actionable skills and techniques for you to practice at your own pace throughout the week and beyond.

Week 2

Asynchronous Coaching

On the 2nd Monday of every month, we sink our teeth further into the material by troubleshooting hurdles and answering questions directly from you, the members. There is no pressure, and no specific day/time that you would need to log in to ask your question. Just privately (and anonymously, if you prefer) submit your questions via written or voice-message directly to me and I will answer them on the private members-only podcast. No question is too big or small. It’s direct access to tailored expert advice, on your own time, while also deepening your understanding and getting ideas from your fellow like-minded high achievers.

Week 3

Science-based Skills-driven Training

On the 3rd Monday of every month we conquer a second science-based training. Like in the first week of the month, lessons dig into skills and techniques stemming from our anchors of CLARITY, CALM, CONFIDENCE, & CONTROL. They are efficient (usually about 20 minutes), skills oriented, and recorded on a private members-only podcast, so that you can absorb them when it works for you. They always include actionable skills and techniques for you to practice at your own pace throughout the week and beyond.

Week 4

Live Coaching Intensive

Live coaching meetings happen on the last week of the month so that you’ve had time to listen to, process, test, and adapt the material. During our small group coaching we go deep into your experience with the tools and techniques and then strategize how to best maximize the benefits for you. Of course, while we are all about getting down to business, coaching sessions have also evolved into a fun way to connect with other high achievers who are also making changes to live, work, and feel better. Live coaching meetings are 1.5 hours long and structured to address all participants’ questions and concerns. Come and go as you need to; no need to stress about arriving late or leaving early. Come for what you need and get back to life on your time.

By the end of the Program

You will have...

Increased your motivation because you will be clear on what you are working for, and your work will be in support of YOUR goals and priorities.

Improved your mental resilience so that you can thrive in the midst of the stress of your professional and personal life instead of being crushed by it.

Decreased that distracting and self-sabotaging mental chatter so that you are anchored in how you will accomplish your goals instead of blocked the imaginary hurdles.

Incorporated and practiced focus and productivity methods into how you work best, allowing you to enjoy ambition again.

Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from a networking or professional development group?

For starters, this is not a networking or professional development group. You’ve done enough of that.

The Healthy High Achiever group is science-based coaching through structured and flexible support. It is designed to equip you to produce more efficiently, be clear about what you want, feel calm in your pursuit, and be in control of your life and career again.  

When does the program start?

The program is held twice per year. Our next cohort opens this September 2021.

How do I access the resources?

The Healthy High Achiever is set up to be as easily accessible as possible (you don’t have the bandwidth to learn a new tech setup). The private members-only podcast is automatically delivered to your favorite podcast app and you receive a digital copy of all the materials.

How long will I have access to the trainings?

You have lifetime access to all materials. The tools and recordings are downloadable so you can take them with you well beyond our time together.

The goal is to set you up for sustainable long-term success. Yes, I realize that means ‘working myself out of a job,’ so to speak, but the aim is to equip you to be self-sustaining, not dependent (I guess you could call that an occupational hazard on my part).

How much time will I need to commit?

To be perfectly frank, not much. The Healthy High Achiever is intentionally designed to efficiently support a professional who already has a full plate. If you fully participate in everything offered throughout the month, you will spend an average of about 3 hours per month engaging with the content, including all podcasts and the live coaching intensive. Appling what you learn will fit into, streamline, and enhance your existing work, not add to it. Of course, everything is accessible and actionable on your schedule. The material is intentionally designed to be efficient and practical, so you get the highest ROI possible every time you engage with it.

When are new trainings and materials available?

New trainings and materials are available every Monday.

Will other people know that I am participating in this?

Only if you want them to. The Healthy High Achiever is intentionally designed to be as anonymous as you need it to be. You can still participate fully in all aspects of the program without any other members knowing any identifying information about you. You will still receive the same depth of information, and the same level of structure and support as a member who chooses to be fully upfront about their name, employment, stage in life, etc. 

While part of my mission is to normalize strategic well-being, I also understand and respect that our culture is not there yet, especially for high achievers in law, finance, tech, and business. Access to skills, structure, and support that will affect real sustainable change is more important.

What if I fall behind on the work?

With The Healthy High Achiever there is no “falling behind” (you can put that fear of failure on the backburner for now – we will definitely get to that in the program) because we are always working on skills stemming from our four anchors: CLARITY, CALM, CONFIDENCE, and CONTROL. Moreover, all resources are available indefinitely. You can listen to and apply a lesson from two months prior and it will still be relevant to what we are currently working on.

Next Steps

When you are ready

Getting started with The Healthy High Achiever is simple and straight forward. Just click the button below to submit a brief application and we will set up a time to chat so that I can answer all of your questions.