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You can get past this

Psychotherapy and the high achiever are a much more natural fit than superficially meets the eye.  Psychotherapy, whether in-person or on-line, is an endeavor that requires us to be strong, courageous, daring, vulnerable, and committed – not unlike the ventures that most high achievers are already accustomed to taking. Psychotherapy is a tool used to solve problems and improve our overall wellbeing. Like other enterprises that many high achievers focus their efforts on, it has a return on investment and can provide quantifiable progress.  The challenge lies in overcoming the hesitance that often accompanies trying something new and/or fitting something into your schedule.  The rest is “doable.”

Moreover, from a psychological standpoint, engaging in psychotherapy is a sign of personal strength because it indicates that an individual is willing to work on a solution and build new skills.

We specialize in lawyers and other high achievers, and the things they struggle with the most.

We offer in-person, on-line/telephone (a.k.a. tele-medicine), and concierge counseling.  All three mediums guarantee HIPPA compliance and are tailored to fit the needs of the high achiever client. While there are benefits to and personal preferences for traditional weekly in-person psychotherapy, both tele-medicine and concierge counseling can also be a great fit, especially for lawyers, doctors, bankers, grad-students and other high achievers who must travel or require a high level of convenience and/or confidentiality.

Whether in-person or on-line, we specialize in helping lawyers and other high achievers overcome some of their most common challenges.  These often include:

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