Let’s Celebrate National Yoga Awareness Month!

Let’s Celebrate National Yoga Awareness Month!

Recent data suggests that over half of the people in this country feel stress. And a lot of it!

Sadly, when many people feel stressed, they tend to lean into bad habits, like drinking, smoking and eating junk food. What they should be doing is more downward dog!

More and more studies are now proving yoga can help people deal with stress and anxiety. But sadly, not enough people realize the benefits of yoga. And that’s why September has officially become National Yoga Awareness Month.

Besides helping to relieve stress and anxiety, yoga also offers some other pretty terrific benefits: Improves Strength, Balance, and Flexibility

Yoga is wonderful because it helps your muscles become stronger while loosening other soft tissue, thus improving flexibility. Plus, holding certain yoga poses improves your balance. And, it’s so gentle, pretty much everyone can do it.

Eases Arthritis Symptoms
According to a John’s Hopkins review of several studies, gentle yoga has been found to ease a lot of the discomfort associated with arthritis. So, if you are looking for exercise that can help with your swollen, painful joints, yoga is a great option!

Helps Relieve Back Pain
Yoga’s gentle stretching movements are very effective at relieving back pain and improving mobility. So much so that the American College of Physicians even recommends yoga as a first-line treatment for chronic low back pain.

Yoga & Chiropractic Care: A Heavenly Match
Chiropractic care and yoga have one very important thing in common: they are both holistic approaches to health and healing. They also happen to be very complimentary. In fact, when yoga and chiropractic are regularly combined, the health outcomes can be massive. That’s because yoga helps to tone the body and prepare it for deeper levels of healing and stretching.

Keeping yourself healthy is important! And relieving stress is equally important. If you would like to talk about ways to reduce your stress reach out to me. I’d love to talk with you.

Chelsy A. Castro, JD, MA, AM, LCSW

Chelsy Castro